You've probably seen the commercials for the posters littered on the walls of bus stops or shops extolling the virtues of vitamin water. They're kind of hard to miss. Some of the supposed benefits of vitamin water or other fancy brand name waters sold on the market include the potential to gain more endurance and add more nutrients and vitamins into your system from drinking vitamin water. Those both sound like great benefits but are they really worth spending the extra money for?

Whether you walk into a convenience store looking for some refreshments or a grocery store to buy fruit and see the cold beverages section you're going to have plenty of options to choose from if you're thirsty. Water and pop used to be the two most popular beverage choices for those on the go but vitamin water has become the latest beverage to take a large chunk out of the market.

It all really depends on what you want the drink to do for you. If you're just thirsty and don't care about sugar content then you'd probably grab a Coke. If you needed something to quench your thirst but didn't want something full of sugars and calories then a regular old bottle of water would do. For those needing a pick me up during or after a workout then a power drink such as Gatorade was the way to go. Then vitamin waters came onto the scene and labeled themselves as an alternative to all the above mentioned beverage scenarios.

The thing about vitamin waters is that they can be a tad pricey. If you're on a budget and like to spend your check from your job wisely then sticking to plain old bottled water would be your best bet. The extra vitamins you would get from drinking a bottle of vitamin water might be worth the extra cash you have to hand out at the till but vitamin waters are also mixed with sugars and sweeteners and might cause you harm if you don't read the bottles.

You can't assume vitamin waters are to be used as a health supplement if you don't live an active lifestyle. If you go jogging after working all day long and come home to drink some vitamin water it will be fine. If you sit at home all day long without exercising and drink a couple bottles of vitamin water then that wouldn't be beneficial to your health.

Deciding if vitamin water is worth the extra money can only be answered after you ask yourself how will you be using it? In the end the money you spend on vitamin water could be used on other things.

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