One of the statements you may have come across as you sought out gifts for the holiday season is "don't drink your calories." It's a good statement heading into the new year for those of us (and who isn't in this group!) who are thinking about taking off a few pounds.

However, many people live such hectic lifestyles that this advice may actually be counter-productive. When you are on the go all day, trying to complete your house before the next construction mortgage payment comes due, rushing from meeting to meeting, squeezing in a gym session over your lunch hour, and so on, you may end up skipping meals. The only way to keep your energy up is to rejuvenate through liquids at certain times of the day.

Just what liquids can help keep you on the go, though? Coffee is probably at the forefront in the minds of most people when it comes to mixing the words energy and drink. The beverage is high in caffeine and is almost a staple in the Canadian diet today, not to mention the lifeblood of many an office worker. However, coffee may actually work counter to your energy needs throughout the day. The compounds in coffee bind to useful vitamins and minerals your body needs, either storing them or turning them into waste rather than into the energy you need.

It's much better to drink beverages fortified with the vitamins and minerals to give you the energy boosts you need as the day goes by. Take a bottle of V8 juice to your classes, or go for a Booster Juice when you have been hitting the mall all day. You're guaranteed to feel better within an hour after downing these refreshing beverages.

The end of the day, of course, is when all your hard work pays off. You get to go home and spend the evening as you choose. Of course, to do so, you once again will have to rejuvenate through a nice meal, and that includes some good beverage choices.

Today wine is top on the list for many people as a dinner accompaniment, and it's not just for your average joe, either. Most wine is a lot more affordable than you might think, and there are health benefits to drinking wine besides.

Remember as you go about your day to take time to rejuvenate yourself. You don't want to indulge too much and drink your day's calories, but a proper drink can be the perfect refreshment for people who are on the go all day.

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