With the energy crisis all around us, millions of people are seeking alternative sources for powering their homes. One of the ways they are doing this is through geothermal heating, which is currently in use in more than a million homes from England to North America. Geothermal heating uses a ground loop to extract heat from the earth and then distributes that heat throughout the house using a heat pump furnace unit. This system can also be used as a way of cooling the home in the summer months.

If you're currently looking properties to buy, you may be interested in finding way of reducing your utility fees associated with the home. Geothermal heating is a great way of reducing these costs, as it can reduce your energy consumption when it comes to heating your home by as much as seventy percent. It can also replace conventional air conditioning systems and hot water systems to save you an additional forty percent on these bills. If you're running a home business and are interesting in cutting costs, this might be a great way of doing it.

A geothermal heating system is controlled with an electronic thermostat, just like any standard heating system. If you're looking at a house that uses geothermal heating, you will likely not even notice the difference until you are told about it. But, there is a difference in this heating system, as it regulates the temperature of your home more consistently than with a conventional system. This actually makes the air in your home more comfortable as you change the regulated temperature.

If you're thinking of converting your home to geothermal heat, then you're going to want to get the property assessed by a geothermal certified contactor. They will come in to your home or office to decide what the best geothermal system is for your individual property. You'll need space outside to dig or drill to install the ground loop. While this installation process may be possible in many city areas, it caters better to rural homes.

If you're thinking of building your own home, this is the best time to include a geothermal heating system. This will limit the cost of installation, as it will be much more simple for the crew to find room for the ground loop. Of course, if you have found a home you would like to buy that has geothermal already set up, be sure to have the entire property inspected before signing any papers. If you live in Edmonton, feel free to use Housemaster Home Inspections at 93 Kaska Road, Edmonton, Alberta T8A 4E7. Visit the office or give them a call at 780-449-3883.

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