It may not matter to you where the water you feed the garden in your piece of property to grow your plants comes from. All you care about is that your plants, fruits and vegetables grow. To you, water is water. However, there is something out there that cares very much where the water that you are using comes from. The environment. The environment very much cares about what type of water you are putting into it and it would appreciate it if you collected rainwater and reused it when watering the garden in your piece of property.

One great and environmentally friendly way of doing that is by using rain barrels. If you've never heard of a rain barrel before and want to know what it is then let us tell you. Rain Barrels are storage tanks that hold stormwater on a temporary basis. The stormwater that comes from the roof of your house or garage is diverted into a rain barrel that's connected to your downspouts. The stormwater that is collected by the rain barrels are stored and can be used by you at later. One use of the rain barrel-collected stormwater is to water the garden in your piece of property.

Rain barrels are simple to use and install and can be as basic as just a barrel or can also include more advanced features such as filters, mosquito-proof mesh, and spigots that you can attach garden hoses to. They can also be made to be animal and child-proof. In addition to help saving the environment, rain barrels can reduce runoff in a drastic manner, make you use less domestic water which in turn lowers your water bill and provides you with safe and clean water to use anywhere in the home and not just in the garden located in your piece of property.

Rain barrels are fairly inexpensive and can be had for around $260, depending on the size, how many extra features you want your rain barrel to have and the manufacturer. There are some rain barrels that can hold as much as 500 liters of stormwater! That's a lot of stormwater. Just think how many plants, fruits, and vegetables you can water in your garden. Your wallet and the environment will be thanking you immensely if you install a rain barrel in your home. You really have no reason not to now that we've told you about them and how they will save you money and help the environment out. They shouldn't be hard to find in your area and you can probably find one at a nearby nursery supply.

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