Most of us now see that embracing a greener lifestyle can have many benefits. Not only will it help all of the natural spaces around our houses and parks but it can make you and your family healthier and can save you some money all at once. If you're looking for a way to improve the lives of your indoor plants than there are some items that can certainly be reused to help them grow.

The green thumb and the spend thrift would are sure to both be happy when you see the results that old coffee grounds can have on your plants and compost pile. This is something that would normally go straight in to the garbage can in homes or office buildings downtown and is one of the easiest things to give a second purpose. All you have to do is pour them into the soil that's already there.

There are some plants that thrive on the acidic qualities of coffee. It is great for Christmas cactus, azaleas and even aloe vera. And if you're still looking for another use for your coffee grounds than you can add it to your compost pile. Many people have composts within their landscaping these days and this can add even more richness to the soil. Some coffee companies, like Starbucks, even give away their grounds to those looking for a garden boost.

If you want to know which plants would be benefited by that morning cup of Joe as much as you are, you're going to want to find out its desired pH level. Every plant that you have in your window or on your patio will have one. You can find out this information online or by talking to one of the experts at your local garden centre. A neutral Ph is 7.0 and those that like more acidity will have a lower number than this. For example, they will be good for your Easter lilies but not your orchids.

There are many other things that you might be able to find around the house or the garden that could help your plants to live a longer and healthier life. Epsom salts and sugar water are a couple of the options. You might also find some plants in your condos that benefit from adding a few crushed up eggshells. You might also know that manure is a great source of nutrients for plants. But, you should make sure that you're buying it from the right animals. Your cat confusing the hallway potted plants for the litter box is certainly not going to help your flowers grow.

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