Even those faithful to the strictest diets crave a treat every once in a while. For some that means something salty like chips or popcorn. For others it means a sugar craving. There are many things that you can reach for if you're looking to satisfy this craving. While some will mean that you'll have to spend a little more time in the gym, others are much kinder on your waistline. Here are some of the most popular options from both categories.

Chocolate is said to be more popular choice for those that have a sweets craving and has even been said to be addictive. A study done by the Diabetes Association says that about fifteen percent of men and as much as forty percent of women are prone to this addiction. Some believe that it is caused by a magnesium deficiency, while others argue that it's more closely related to alcohol addiction. If you were at home reading a book or working at your job, about seventy-five percent of the people with chocolate addictions say that nothing will stop it other than indulging in their favorite sugary treat.

There are other people who prefer candy to chocolate. This could mean they grab for sweetarts or lifesavers. If you're looking to curb a sugar craving many experts recommend switching to chewing gum. Sugarless gum will trick your brain into thinking it's getting the sugar that it craves. Many people also reach for sugar when they are just hungry and want something quick to eat. You could be working in media and not have time for a proper meal or could be looking for something to munch on while you're watching television at night. Sponsor: Atozstorageltd.com

If you're currently on a diet and you're having difficulty conquering your sugar cravings one of the best things that you can do is give in to the craving. Depriving yourself completely will usually mean that when you do give in you will binge and set your whole diet back. It would be as if you were to sell your jewelry to save for a house and then use the money and more to buy a new television because you were tired of feeling poor.

While sugar may have gotten a very bad reputation over the years, we do all need it to live a healthy life. The key is to include it in a healthy diet like you would other foods that contain a lot of fat. If you're feeling sluggish in the middle of the day while you're in school or working then maybe you should pick up a chocolate bar or bag of sweets. It could be all you need.

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