You may not realize it as you go about your daily life, working at a your job, raising your kids, taking your vacations, and having nights out at the club, but the world runs on liquids. Liquids keep us alive and make up the vast majority of our bodies. They power our vehicles, create our electricity, grow our plants, and fuel our bodies. They alter chemical compositions, protect, cool, support, and transmit. There's very little in this world that could go ahead without the help of some sort of liquid. Whether we're human, animal, plant or machine, we all have our liquid treats. This website is dedicated to all of them.

The liquids we're most familiar with, of course, are the ones we take into our bodies. Water is one of the cornerstones of survival, and it does much more besides, cooling the rooms of our homes and offices and supporting our ships as they travel between continents. There are other liquids, however, whose use are limited only to humankind. Have you ever seen an engine that runs on coffee? A plant that thrives on milkshakes? A wombat buying a soda from a vending machine? Of course not, because these are strictly human treats, and there are plenty more where those came from.

You may think that the only liquid a plant needs is water, but that's not the only liquid a plant wants. Plants love their liquid treats almost as much as humans do, drinking down their special sugar concoctions and their liquid fertilizers with as much gusto as the staff at work guzzle their coffee. Animals too, need only water to survive in most cases, but you won't see a vampire bat say no to blood or a calf say no to its mother's milk. Animals also love anything that's sugary and sweet, which means the juice from any fruit they find, maple syrup, and sugar cane.

It is machines, though, that have the most unusual taste in liquids. The machines in the lumber mills that supply industry gobble up gasoline to function. Planes burn through kerosene to keep themselves in the air, and they require vast quantities of oil to lubricate their moving parts and whisk the heat from friction and combustion away. Do you know how many liquids are in your car? Gasoline, water, brake fluid, transmission fluid, oil, windshield washer fluid - it's more than you've got in your refrigerator!

If you're curious about a liquid, whether it's the medication they gave you when you went for a medical procedure or your favorite alcoholic mixed drink, we've got it covered here at Liquid Treats. Check out the menu at the top of the page to access the information on liquids we've compiled. They're conveniently divided into topics so they'll be easier for you to navigate. We're always adding new liquids, so make sure to come back often and see the latest liquid news!

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